Warm Winter’s Day.

IMG_1475We are getting these Winter days at the moment where the temperature drops to 5 degrees Celsius at night, but hovers between 16-20 degrees during the day with not a cloud in sight. While this is spelling doom for my poor garden (hand watering in June, unheard of!) it is making for some gorgeous sunny Winter days. IMG_1507I took a little stroll yesterday around what is unremarkably called ‘Big Swamp’ in the heart of our city. To me it is more than a ‘swamp’, it is a gorgeous playground for all sorts of wildlife.  IMG_1511There are plenty of beautiful birds hopping around the mangroves and swamp grasses.  IMG_1483Amongst the greens and browns bright colours pop.IMG_1529The birds are in constant competition for these privileged spots on what I imagine was once some sort of jetty. Now the perfect spot for sunning birds. IMG_1536The scent of wattle fills the air.  IMG_1538Getting ready to dive for fish.  IMG_1539Hiding out amongst the grasses.  IMG_1549Leafless branches are the only real sign of the winter season.


Daily Promt – The Black Swan

This is a exciting week, The Daily Post are providing a Daily Photo Challenge. Plenty of inspiration and excuses to post pictures…

Today’s (yesterday’s) challenge corresponds to that most holy day, Mother’s Day. A day for children to give back to their wonderful mother’s and say all those thank-you’s that don’t get said throughout the year.

So the challenge was to post a picture that says Mothering, and I don’t think I have seen anything more beautifully mothering, (and fathering), than these black swan’s and their tiny cygnet’s that I found last spring. They were such beautiful, enchanting, protective birds, letting me get close enough to take photo’s but no closer. DSCF1283  IMG_1491



DSCF1299They held up about six cars on either side with their casual jaunt across the road, but I don’t think anyone minded.