Take Me to the Beach.

It’s raining here, miserable and grey. So to make myself feel better I’m going on a trip to the beach…

IMG_3933 IMG_3926 IMG_3921 IMG_3920 IMG_3913



The humble sunset. Probably one of the most beautiful, most photographed phenomenon’s the world over. Is it possible to get sick of those ever changing mystical colours as they slowly paint the sky?

I am forever taking photos of sunsets. They are all similar yet they are all so vastly different. These were taken on the inlet by my parents house. Only in the month’s of May and September does the sun set in the perfect position for us to capture it, although it does its best the rest of the year too. IMG_4176 IMG_4179 IMG_4184 IMG_4200Do yourself a favour today. Step outside and capture your sunset.

Warm Winter’s Day.

IMG_1475We are getting these Winter days at the moment where the temperature drops to 5 degrees Celsius at night, but hovers between 16-20 degrees during the day with not a cloud in sight. While this is spelling doom for my poor garden (hand watering in June, unheard of!) it is making for some gorgeous sunny Winter days. IMG_1507I took a little stroll yesterday around what is unremarkably called ‘Big Swamp’ in the heart of our city. To me it is more than a ‘swamp’, it is a gorgeous playground for all sorts of wildlife.  IMG_1511There are plenty of beautiful birds hopping around the mangroves and swamp grasses.  IMG_1483Amongst the greens and browns bright colours pop.IMG_1529The birds are in constant competition for these privileged spots on what I imagine was once some sort of jetty. Now the perfect spot for sunning birds. IMG_1536The scent of wattle fills the air.  IMG_1538Getting ready to dive for fish.  IMG_1539Hiding out amongst the grasses.  IMG_1549Leafless branches are the only real sign of the winter season.

Daily Prompt: Lost

I get lost in many ways. I get lost reading, writing, gardening, running, listening to music, looking through blogs…

But one of my favourite ways to get lost is taking photographs. Most of my family cannot understand, or stand, for that matter, my habit of taking endless photos. They don’t understand why you would photograph the same sunset forty times, always searching for that shot you haven’t quite captured yet. They get embarrassed going places with me, when I am down on one knee or walking backwards and forth in front of a subject, searching for the elusive angle.

It sometimes causes quite an annoyance, like on the day I took these pictures. I told my boyfriend that I was going for a short walk around Lake Wanaka to take some photos, and I would be back soon. Three hours later, and we had missed our dinner reservations.

I took roughly 250 photos walking around the lake, of all sorts of bits and pieces. I wandered around in my own little dream world, so happy to be in a place of such beauty with a camera in my hand. I had no idea how long I was away for, I was completely lost in the moment.

_MG_8590_MG_8613 _MG_8681_MG_8771 _MG_8812_MG_8552 _MG_8558 _MG_8568 _MG_8770_MG_8540 _MG_8603

Nature in Macro

Often I am so busy standing back to take photos of glorious landscapes that I miss the beauty that is right under my nose. Nature is just as amazing in macro, intricate, delicate, delightful.

_MG_8766Stones on the shore – Lake Wanaka.


Tree bark – Lake Wanaka

_MG_8722Floating seed – Lake Wanaka.

_MG_8206Pancake rocks – New Zealand.

_MG_7685Tree trunk – Blenheim.

_MG_7651Rocks on the shore – Blenheim.

_MG_7617Lichen – Blenheim.

_MG_6766Kauri tree trunk – Coromandel.

A Word A Week Challenge: Angles.

This week’s challenge from Sue over at A Word In Your Ear is fantastic. It had me searching through endless folders for photographs that best met the theme of ‘angles’. The beauty of this challenge is that angles can be found in nearly every photograph, if you look hard enough. Obviously, I got carried away.

Here is what I found…

_MG_5317Marble Fountain – Hayman Island, Whitsundays _MG_5397Underwater Observatory – Cruise Whitsundays Pontoon, Queensland  _MG_5745Our Christmas Ham – Bunbury, Western Australia _MG_5990Under the Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney _MG_6172The most famous toilet in New Zealand – Kawakawa _MG_6410Inside the Maori meeting house – Waitangi, New Zealand _MG_6414Inside the Maori meeting house – Waitangi, New Zealand

Dancing With Fishes.

While searching through my photos for something completely unrelated, I stumbled across these. These are some of my all-time favourite photographs.

These beautiful fish are Red Emperor’s, some of the best eating fish in the world. These guys were lucky enough to live under the pontoon on Hayman Island though, which is a Marine National Park. No fishing for them. Each day when we got back to the island from working on the boats we would feed them scraps left over from the day, and they would dance like crazy for their supper.

Their vivid colours flashing through the tropical water was truly magical, one of the best parts of living on an island.

_MG_5056 _MG_5058 _MG_5060 _MG_5061 _MG_5063 _MG_5069 _MG_5072 _MG_5073 _MG_5075