The humble sunset. Probably one of the most beautiful, most photographed phenomenon’s the world over. Is it possible to get sick of those ever changing mystical colours as they slowly paint the sky?

I am forever taking photos of sunsets. They are all similar yet they are all so vastly different. These were taken on the inlet by my parents house. Only in the month’s of May and September does the sun set in the perfect position for us to capture it, although it does its best the rest of the year too. IMG_4176 IMG_4179 IMG_4184 IMG_4200Do yourself a favour today. Step outside and capture your sunset.


The Colours of Wine: Part I

My last few posts have been all about B&W, so I felt like it was time for an injection of colour into my life. And talk about wine. I love wine.


These photographs were taken in Marlborough, New Zealand, during a wine tour. Marlborough is one of the most renowned wine regions in the world, with just the right terroir to produce some outstanding white’s.  _MG_7903 I find wineries such beautiful places, from their perfectly manicured gardens to their perfectly uniform vines. Each place has its own distinct style and character, achieving uniqueness amongst interchangeability. _MG_7900 But it’s the vines as well that have their own unique style, when seen from a distance they all look identical but when viewed up close, their myriad of personalities becomes apparent. _MG_7884