Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background.

Another day, another Daily Post Challenge. This one is awesome. It asks us to show photo’s with ourselves or others as the lesser part of the scene, a shadow or a reflection, essentially making the background the focus. I loved looking through my photos for examples of this, often pictures that have our shadow or reflection (accidently or on purpose) are cast aside as imperfect.

_MG_7747This photo was taken at Hunter’s Estate winery in New Zealand. It is a collection of antique wine tools, displayed in a glass cabinet. I became frustrated trying to get a good shot without my reflection, in this one you can see me, and my camera strap, quite clearly.  _MG_7839   In this photo taken at Cloudy Bay winery, I was deliberately aiming to include our reflections. I thought it made an interesting image, seeing the back of the winery but also seeing us enjoying our wine tasting.


I took this photograph during a shift in a restaurant I used to work in. (I may have been slacking off somewhat) It is stacks of upturned silver wine buckets, ready for service. You can see my reflection, and my awesome uniform, in the bucket on the left of frame.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the silhouettes of my sister and I in Koh Chang, Thailand. We are not the focus but rather a piece of the background, fitting into the jigsaw puzzle of silhouettes against the sunset.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI took these photographs in the Toul Sleng genocide museum, Cambodia. You can faintly make out my reflection in  the glass.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe reflection of myself and the background make a chilling juxtaposition to the endless sadness and horror portrayed in these images.     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the boardwalk in Melaka, Malaysia, again nothing but a silhouette against the colours of the background and the sunset.


This is one of my favourite photographs that I have ever taken. I took this on a timer on my little point and shoot Olympus, five years ago in Kep, Cambodia. I perched the camera on a wall across the road, set the timer and sprinted to the edge of the footpath to get the shot. I kept having to adjust the zoom and the position, constantly terrified that someone would walk past and grab my camera while my back was turned. But the end result was worth it.