Adieu, Adios.

Good morning, all my Faces and Places and Wide Open Spaces friends.

You are probably wondering where I’ve been…actually, scratch that, you’ve probably forgotten all about me!

I have shamelessly abandoned this blog due to the massive commitments of my other blog, The Paperbook BlogI would like to say that I am determined to make more time for this blog, but we both know that’s just not true. So, it is with regret that I am shutting this bad boy down, to hopefully be re-opened again in the future.

I really suggest you pop over to The Paperbook Blog if you haven’t already, and check it out. I am currently publishing an online magazine out of that blog, called The Paperbook Collective. Click here for issue one. Issue two is due to be released in 48 hours time, so stay tuned.

Whether you are a photographer, a designer, an artist, writer or poet, your work could be featured in The Paperbook Collective. I accept submissions from all over the world, so there is no reason YOU can’t be included in issue three!!

For information on how to submit, visit this page.

Thank you all for your support of this humble blog, I hope to see you over at The Paperbook Blog soon.

But for now, I say adieu.


Cheers, jaydeashe.



The Paperbook Blog

It’s that time people…time to start getting excited.

Or, if you’re me, more excited, nervous and exhilarated than you have ever felt before. Except perhaps the time I went skydiving in New Zealand, but that’s another story.


That’s right, three days left to get your submissions in for the very first issue of the Paperbook Magazine!! (name pending).

I have had some excellent submissions flow in over the past few days as everyone finishes polishing their work and sending it my way. If you’re still hesitating, now is the time to bite the bullet and send it in.

Don’t miss out!

I had a very productive creative session last Sunday with my good friend from Art Of Darkness, throwing around ideas and thoughts. And, let’s face it, getting very drunk. But we have decided on a fantastic cover image, which he is working on as we speak. This…

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I Need You.

Calling all creative…get involved in my new project!

The Paperbook Blog

Yes, you. And you. And you over there in the corner. I need all of you.


Something new is brewing behind The Paperbook Blog. It started as an idea and it has slowly gathered momentum until it is filling my every waking thought. Which is definitely intruding on my ability to get anything else done, but never mind. University assignments can wait…

Friends, fellow thinkers, artists, poets, designers and creators, I am starting the Paperbook MAGAZINE! (Don’t worry, it has a better name than ‘Paperbook Magazine’, but it is under wraps for now…)

What the hell? Whyyyyy???????

I can hear your brains screeching from across the globe. Let me do my best to explain:

What it’s all about:

Basically, I want to create a free online literary magazine. Why? I’ll get to that in a minute. The magazine would include: Creative Non-Fiction, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Book Review’s, Poetry, Art, Author Bio’s, Photography, and whatever…

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Do all of you know the wonderful Sahm King? His last name is appropriate because this guy is the King of the blogosphere. His blogs are incredible, you can find him here at The Arkside of Thought and here at We Drink Because We’re Poets.

Why am I raving on about this guy? Because he created his own award, and then blessed me with it! It is quite an impressive award, I must say.

He asks us to boast about ourselves, because we’re friggin awesome. This is a really hard task for me, as I live in fear of mockery about my work, both my photography and my writing. I wake up each day thinking that someone is going to jump on here and say ‘What were you thinking? You can’t write! Your photography’s crap! Get back behind the coffee machine where you belong!’

But I digress. I think the fact that I am finally on here, sharing both my writing and my photography with the world, shows that my confidence is getting better and I am starting to believe that while I may not yet be ‘friggin awesome’, I am at the very least ‘frig-awe’. The ‘gin-some’ will come one day.

So, who out there in the blogosphere do I think is pretty friggin awesome? Well, everyone that I follow, for a start. But I’m going to throw this out to a few of my faves, and I’m sure it will make it’s way around to the rest of you soon.

  1. One Starving Activist
  2. Colin Butterworth
  3. erickeys
  4. Cindy Knoke
  5. All Downhill From Here
  6. This Blog Intentionally Blank

Again, I would nominate hundreds more of you if time and patience allowed, but unfortunately those two things are sorely lacking in my life at the moment. There is another reason that I chose these six, and that is because they have all been incredibly supportive of my blogs, both this one and The Paperbook Blog. That’s not to say that there aren’t many more of you that have been equally as supportive, and believe me when I say I appreciate every single person who reads, likes or comments on anything I post.

After witnessing a particularly harsh and unnecessary attack on someone’s blog today, I just want to put some positivity and encouragement out into the WordPress atmosphere. What I love most about this place is just how supportive everyone is of each other, re-blogging, sharing and promoting blog’s we love. It is one of the most encouraging things that can be done for anyone who is trying to achieve anything with their blog, be it forging a new career or simply having a place to vent.

Sahm asked us as part of this award to state one thing that makes us happy, and for me today it’s you, my fellow bloggers. So at the risk of sounding overly sentimental: keep encouraging one another, keep reading other’s work, share and promote what you love and if you see something you don’t like, just scroll past it. It’s not hard to do.


The humble sunset. Probably one of the most beautiful, most photographed phenomenon’s the world over. Is it possible to get sick of those ever changing mystical colours as they slowly paint the sky?

I am forever taking photos of sunsets. They are all similar yet they are all so vastly different. These were taken on the inlet by my parents house. Only in the month’s of May and September does the sun set in the perfect position for us to capture it, although it does its best the rest of the year too. IMG_4176 IMG_4179 IMG_4184 IMG_4200Do yourself a favour today. Step outside and capture your sunset.

Warm Winter’s Day.

IMG_1475We are getting these Winter days at the moment where the temperature drops to 5 degrees Celsius at night, but hovers between 16-20 degrees during the day with not a cloud in sight. While this is spelling doom for my poor garden (hand watering in June, unheard of!) it is making for some gorgeous sunny Winter days. IMG_1507I took a little stroll yesterday around what is unremarkably called ‘Big Swamp’ in the heart of our city. To me it is more than a ‘swamp’, it is a gorgeous playground for all sorts of wildlife.  IMG_1511There are plenty of beautiful birds hopping around the mangroves and swamp grasses.  IMG_1483Amongst the greens and browns bright colours pop.IMG_1529The birds are in constant competition for these privileged spots on what I imagine was once some sort of jetty. Now the perfect spot for sunning birds. IMG_1536The scent of wattle fills the air.  IMG_1538Getting ready to dive for fish.  IMG_1539Hiding out amongst the grasses.  IMG_1549Leafless branches are the only real sign of the winter season.