Daily Prompt: Celebration!

I just had to put an explanation mark at the end of celebration! It didn’t look right without it. It feels like a million years since I last celebrated something, or had reason to celebrate. A year of saving/study doesn’t really go hand in hand with wild, out-there celebrations, even my birthday was skipped over. A flurry of meaningless Facebook birthday wishes from people I haven’t seen or spoken to in years was the only thing that separated it from any other day.

So I hit the archives to remind myself what celebrating felt like, and I found these shots. Every year at Christmas there is a street in my city that goes all out with Christmas lights. And I mean, ALL OUT. The street is over a kilometre long and basically every house gets decked out in fluro magic. People flock from all over the city in the week before Christmas to tour the lights, cars clog the area which is patrolled and controlled by police men, that is how big the event has become.

It is a very cool display of community spirit in an age where community spirit is almost non-existent, a blatant and unapologetic outrageous celebration.

_MG_5652 _MG_5656 _MG_5657 _MG_5664_MG_5660 _MG_5673_MG_5668I deliberately left the flash off to capture some of the feeling of the night, everything was in total darkness, lit only by the majestic displays of Christmas lights on the houses. See some more Celebration! at The Daily Post.


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Celebration!

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