Daily Prompt: Lost

I get lost in many ways. I get lost reading, writing, gardening, running, listening to music, looking through blogs…

But one of my favourite ways to get lost is taking photographs. Most of my family cannot understand, or stand, for that matter, my habit of taking endless photos. They don’t understand why you would photograph the same sunset forty times, always searching for that shot you haven’t quite captured yet. They get embarrassed going places with me, when I am down on one knee or walking backwards and forth in front of a subject, searching for the elusive angle.

It sometimes causes quite an annoyance, like on the day I took these pictures. I told my boyfriend that I was going for a short walk around Lake Wanaka to take some photos, and I would be back soon. Three hours later, and we had missed our dinner reservations.

I took roughly 250 photos walking around the lake, of all sorts of bits and pieces. I wandered around in my own little dream world, so happy to be in a place of such beauty with a camera in my hand. I had no idea how long I was away for, I was completely lost in the moment.

_MG_8590_MG_8613 _MG_8681_MG_8771 _MG_8812_MG_8552 _MG_8558 _MG_8568 _MG_8770_MG_8540 _MG_8603


10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Lost

  1. I find photography very therapeutic. It also provides me with the creative outlet,which otherwise has evaded me. Getting lost in something is good for the soul and looking at these images I well understand why dinner would take second place. The solution is to get boyfriend hooked too. Some of us do understand the search or the perfect photograph. I’m still looking 😊

    • I don’t think I will ever manage to get him hooked but I do hope that at some point in time, years from now, he will be extremely grateful to have a record of our travels 🙂 Andrew I would like to argue that pretty much all your photos are perfect, in my eyes anyway!

  2. I love that tree in Lake Wanaka. I think it’s the most photographed tree in town. You have my full support to photograph that single tree for 3 hours 😉

    • I think it is. I actually saw a beautiful b&w photo of the tree in a local gallery which sent me off on my photography quest…it is amazing isn’t it 🙂

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