Nature in Macro

Often I am so busy standing back to take photos of glorious landscapes that I miss the beauty that is right under my nose. Nature is just as amazing in macro, intricate, delicate, delightful.

_MG_8766Stones on the shore – Lake Wanaka.


Tree bark – Lake Wanaka

_MG_8722Floating seed – Lake Wanaka.

_MG_8206Pancake rocks – New Zealand.

_MG_7685Tree trunk – Blenheim.

_MG_7651Rocks on the shore – Blenheim.

_MG_7617Lichen – Blenheim.

_MG_6766Kauri tree trunk – Coromandel.


7 thoughts on “Nature in Macro

  1. These are super photos, Jayde. I am a sucker for lichens so that is a favourite. The ‘retro’ processing (?) works beautifully. And of course I agree wholeheartedly that we miss a lot if we don’t look into the micro world.

    • Thanks Andrew! I’ll be honest I am only just learning how to process my photos, so a lot of it is trial and error and guesswork. I wasn’t 100% sure about the lichen so I am really glad you like it!

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