Daily Prompt: Memories For Sale

Today’s challenge over at The Daily Post is Memories For Sale, we are prompted to post a photograph that says ‘memories’. The nature of the photograph is to capture a memory, so therefore any photograph you own could easily fit this task.

But instead, I decided to post some photographs that to me depict memories of a city that is no longer, a city that has changed beyond recognition. Someday the images captured in these photographs will be but a distant memory, as this city rebuilds and redefines itself.

These pictures were taken in Christchurch, over a year after the earthquakes happened that almost destroyed the city. From the midst of the rubble rose something beautiful, an initiative called ‘Restart the Heart’. This was to restart the heart of the city, getting shops, banks, and cafes up and running to bring some element of normalcy to the people of Christchurch.

This new shopping development was constructed from brightly painted shipping containers, a hopeful splash of colour against the sombre grey of the ruined buildings.

_MG_9623An alleyway in ‘Restart the Heart’ featuring a gift shop, a bookstore and a clothes shop.

_MG_9630The majority of the city was still fenced off, with a significant amount still deemed far too unsafe for construction to begin.

_MG_9635Most of the shops we saw still had a lot of goods in them from before the earthquake, slowly gathering dust.

_MG_9639This building is on a severe lean, a shocking reminder of the power of the earthquakes that ravaged the city.

_MG_9649Temporary banks set up to bring some normalcy to the city and its residents.

_MG_9654The Bridge of Remembrance, damaged but surprisingly still standing at the edge of the Restart The Heart zone.


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